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Using our rapid test kits, the team can test for six mycotoxins commonly found in feed, with the results reported through Alltech’s risk equivalent quantity (REQ) score.

The rapid test kits are portable and designed to work equally well on-farm or in the feed mill, providing an easy method to objectively read, store and analyze results from lateral flow strips.

Accurate results can be determined for aflatoxin, ochratoxin, zearalenone (ZEN), deoxynivalenol (DON), T-2/HT-2 toxins and fumonisin, helping our customers understand the level of threat in under 10 minutes.

The cornerstone of our program, the Alltech 37+ test, provides a unique mycotoxin risk assessment tool that currently tests for more than 40 types of mycotoxins. Like the rapid test kits, the contamination results are reported back in an REQ score.

Use of the 37+ test is particularly common when testing maize and maize byproducts such as silage. In South Africa, customers normally buy or produce silos of maize, and once our team has conducted a 37+ test, it gives a good idea of the mycotoxin profile in the maize for the entire season.


Reporting the results of risk analysis is the most important part of the evaluation process for the customer. Often, the customer supplies us with all the feed recipes that are being fed per animal type. 

Developed with years of experience and results, the Alltech® DIET™ Estimator tool combines mycotoxin contamination results and the subsequent risk of individual feedstuffs with the inclusion rates of those individual feedstuffs to give an estimated total dietary mycotoxin risk for complete feed.


The team uses a cutting-edge forward-looking infrared (FLIR) camera to find areas at high risk from mycotoxin contamination. The pictures taken from the FLIR camera show the farm’s critical control points for mycotoxin buildup so that the risk can be managed with a good hygiene program.

Mycosorb A+® is one of the most advanced mycotoxin binders on the market. Its superior binding capabilities, broader adsorption profile and increased mycotoxin sequestration efficacy sets it apart from competitor products.

Customers use Mycosorb A+ to reduce mycotoxin adsorption within the animal, thereby negating the damaging effects of mycotoxins on their health. It offers farmers and producers a solution that limits the effects of more mycotoxins than ever before and mirrors far more closely the true challenge found in naturally contaminated feeds.

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Market-leading rapid test kit technology and cutting-edge mycotoxin management solutions give Alltech the power to solve mycotoxin issues faster than ever before. This is great news for your productivity, profits and animal health.

In South Africa, the Alltech® Mycotoxin Management program is the perfect program for every customer’s individual operation. Effective mycotoxin management is about seeing the whole challenge, from the farm to the feed mill and from risk assessment to feed management.

“Our team determines the customer’s needs and then implements the elements of the program accordingly,” explained Janus Fouche from Alltech South Africa. “As no two customers are the same, our team can adapt the focus of the program and balance it between risk analysis, quantification and mitigation.”