This little piggy’s too ill to go to market

Pigs are some of the most sensitive animals to fumonisins (along with horses), impacting immune and organ health particularly.

Internal organs such as the liver, heart, brain and lungs, can be damaged due to changes in the lipid components of cells of these tissues.

Pigs can develop pulmonary edema, where fluid accumulates in the lungs,
that can lead to respiratory problems.

In severe cases, brain damages/lesions may occur and pigs may show head pressing, spinning, and neurological problems.

Fumonisins also impact heavily on the immune system. Research has shown that the presence of fumonisins can cause diseases such as PRRS to become more severe. The presence of fumonisins can cause vaccination failure, leaving pigs susceptible to diseases.

Fumonisins may also increase intestinal pathogen colonization, such as E. coli and Salmonella.

All things considered, the presence of this particularly nasty type of mycotoxin can impact your animals’ health, productivity, and profitability, meaning plenty of your little piggies could be far too sick to head to market.