European Harvest Analysis Information


Barley samples from Denmark for the 2019 harvest contained an average of 3.4 mycotoxins per sample. Notable mycotoxins are those included in the emerging mycotoxins group, specifically enniatins A/A1 and B/B1 which were detected in 100% of samples. Although at an average lower risk level, these mycotoxins have high bioavailability (absorption) in swine. Enniatins can act as ionophores and antibiotics, as well as be cytotoxic to cells. The intestine and liver may be primary targets for organ damage from these mycotoxins.  

Other commonly detected mycotoxins include the type B trichothecenes (DON and fusarenon X detected) and the type A trichothecenes (T2/HT2-toxins detected). 

Denmark was just outside the areas for crop stressors of excess heat and surplus rainfall. This resulted in lower levels of Fusarium mycotoxins, particularly Type B Trichothecenes.

Poultry breeders/layers: Green < 20; Yellow/Orange 20 - 80; Red > 80

Sows/gilts/boars: Green < 20; Yellow/Orange 20 - 50; Red > 50

Number of samples: 7

Date range:  August to October, 2019

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European Harvest Analysis Information



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