Alltech® RAPIREAD puts the power in your hands

The Alltech RAPIREAD system consists of:

Rapid Test Kits

Portable Rapid Mycotoxin Testing Kits

Use of market leading rapid test kit technology gives us the power to solve mycotoxin issues faster than ever before.

Combining the power of two different market leading readers, our rapid test kits are portable and designed to work equally well on farm or in the feed mill, with both providing an easy method to objectively read, store and analyse results from lateral flow strips.

Accurate results can be determined for Aflatoxin, Ochratoxin, Zearalenone, DON, T2/HT-2 Toxins and Fumonisin, helping understand the level of threat in under 10 minutes.



The RAPIREAD App enables you to utilise the latest mobile phone technology to link to Rapid Mycotoxin Test Kits.

Tests can be submitted and results viewed at the tap of a screen.

Management Portal

Mycotoxin Management Portal

The Mycotoxin Management Portal enables you to arrange your own mycotoxin tests and gives web-based access to both the Rapid Mycotoxin Test Kit results and Alltech 37+ results, along with associated reporting.

Other premium content such as mycotoxin news and alerts relevant to your needs is also available at the click of mouse, offering everything you need to protect animal health and operational profitability.

Alltech® RAPIREAD™ services include analysis, testing, and consultation regarding the composition and safety of your animal feeds and animal feed ingredients. We provide nutritional and product information regarding animal feeds, and consultation to help you optimise the healthfulness of your products.

Alltech® RAPIREAD is the latest addition to our integrated system of tools that provide the ultimate protection from the threat of mycotoxins.

Alltech® RAPIREADhighlights real-time mycotoxin contamination on farm or in the feed mill, providing you with 24/7 online access to detailed results and analysis – all helping to maintain production efficiency, profitability and animal health.

*Alltech RAPIREADis currently only available in certain regions.
Please contact your local Alltech office for more information.